Roundup of 12 DIY Crystal Jewelry and Crystal Projects I’ve Posted. You can search Etsy for “rough rock crystal beads” here and find crystals/decorative rocks in the science section of kids’ toy stores.
Crystal Necklace Inspired by Chanel Fall 2012 (Because I’m Addicted)here.
Chanel and Pamela Love Crystal Cuffs made from polymer clay (Dream, Create) here.
Assad Mounser Inspired Amethyst Collar Necklace DIY from Unfortunately Oh! here.
Spiky Crystal Ring Inspired by Pamela Love FW11 (Transient Expression) here.
Wire Wrapped Crystal Tutorial from Meli Melo here.
Rock Collages by mixed media artist Cori Kindred on Etsy here. Do your own specimen box with what’s meaningful to you.
Chanel Inspired Crystal Cuff Tutorial by A Matter of Style for here.
Rough Rock Crystal Necklace Tutorial from Transient Expression here.
Gold Dipped Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace Tutorial from Chic Steals here.
Gilded Geode Ring Tutorial from Swellmayde here.
Rough Crystal Quartz Necklace Tutorial from My Chic Life here.

Adina Mill’s Inpsired Gemstones Embedded in Polymer Clay Rings Tutorial from Lovelyish here. 
Do It Yourself : Tattoo Choker
Do It Yourself : Tattoo Choker


During the 90’s, there were many different trends that plenty of people loved. Whether it was from music to fashion, it’s still comes back even until this day.

One of the most popular trends in the 90’s was the unique and crazy jewelry that was just simply easy to make. From little things…


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Beautiful Sky by Артем Клименко

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